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You can visit to verify whether or not your area is a Safe Sports City.

Contact your local parks & recreations director or league administrator and ask them to sign up for the CoachSafely course. For questions and information about how to sign up for the course, please contact [email protected].

We know that your child’s safety is your highest priority, which is why we are on a mission to ensure that all youth sports coaches and trainers are certified by CoachSafely. We are currently working on making the course accessible to parents, and we expect to have this option available for you soon. Please check back with us for updates.

As a 501-(c)3 organization, we rely on gifts and donations to fund our operations and initiatives. We greatly appreciate any donation to help us expand our mission. To make a donation, you can click the Donate tab in the navigation bar.


The CoachSafely course is available to volunteer coaches of the municipalities, leagues, and associations that have signed up with CoachSafely. If your park or league administrator has signed up for the CoachSafely course, you will receive an email to set up a password for your account.

At this time, the CoachSafely course is not available for individual coaches who are not part of a CoachSafely safe city or association. If you would like your city or association to provide the CoachSafely course, please contact your administrator.

If the e-mail cannot be recovered from your trash or deleted folder, please contact [email protected] to have your email re-sent to you.

From the My Account page, click “Update Password”.


No, videos are securely stored on the CoachSafely platform.

Next to each course module there is a column labeled “Print”. Each course has a PDF course overview that can be printed or viewed. You can click on the PDF next to each courses module for access.

Yes, you may take any course any time regardless of status in case you want to review it again.

Your Education selection on your dashboard will show you the status of each of your course modules. A red X will indicate you have not completed the course module, and a green checkmark will indicate that you have successfully completed that module.


Please click here to see more information about the Coach Safely Act.


Be a great coach. But above all, be a safe coach.

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