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According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), sports injuries among young athletes is on the rise, with nearly 4 million medical visits, 20 million school absentees and surmounting litigation of personal injury claims occurring each year.

Injuries to youth athletes aged 14 and younger are growing each year because of the increasing rate of overuse and trauma injuries and the lack of attention paid to proper prevention. However, as the CDC points out, 50% of all youth sports injuries are preventable.


CoachSafely teaches parents, trainers, coaches, athletes and healthcare providers about the disparities in youth sports injuries, the steps necessary to address this growing epidemic and the need to keep these young athletes healthy.

Founded by former Executive Director of the American Sports Medicine Institute and successful college football coach Jack Crowe, the CoachSafely initiative collaborates with several partner organizations, including the STOP (Sports Trauma and Overuse Prevention) Sports Injuries campaign to:

  • Teach proper prevention
  • Discuss the need for open communication in young athletes’ lives
  • Encourage those affected to sign The Pledge to be an advocate for sports safety

To learn more about the STOP campaign, please visit their website.



8 Subject Areas

8 subject areas

10 Video Modules

10 video modules

60 Minutes Total Time

60 minutes total time

Complete At Your Own Pace

Complete at your own pace

Final Quiz

Final quiz

Certificate Of Completion

Certificate of completion


As a parent, you want to make sure your child is safe during recreation. CoachSafely educates and encourages parents to make proactive, actionable decisions on the well-being of their child and to urge their child’s coach to be CoachSafely certified.

By being certified, your child’s coach will be prepared to diagnose, prevent and respond to  injuries should they occur. Their certification will also ensure they’re educated on positive youth development, encouraging your child to make good decisions on and off the field.

To learn more, please visit our Parents page.

As a coach, you play a major role in athletes’ lives. Through a CoachSafely certification, not only are you prepared to prevent, diagnose and respond to an injury, but you’ll be trained on positive youth development. You will learn how to help your athletes stay healthy, make smart choices, learn conflict-resolution skills, improve their grades and stay in school.

To learn about the importance of being certified, please visit our Coaches page.

CoachSafely, Your Resource for Safe Recreation

CoachSafely advocates for safe and encouraging recreation. We work with Community-Based Organizations (CBO) to provide education and certification to all members of the Alabama Recreation and Parks Association.

We encourage parents, coaches, athletes and everyone in between to join our initiative to ensure that recreation remains a fun and healthy pastime for all ages.

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