A Conflict of Authority in Sports Safety

On Tuesday September 30, 2014 at 1:00 am CST the Athletic Director at the University of Michigan, David Brandon, following a player safety incident during the Michigan versus Minnesota football game, released a prepared statement apologizing for a “serious lack of communication” that allowed QB Shane Morris to return after having suffered a concussion. The circumstances of the incident have become a policy matter much more significant than the safety of the Michigan player. He suffered a mil...

Sports Are Not as Safe in the US

It’s the beginning of August. Temperatures are at their highest. And every year, at this time, I get apprehensive. I know that a child is going to die somewhere , this month, from heat illness. It happened in while I was coaching at Auburn University. Gregg Pratt was running practices sprints on a hot August afternoon in 1983, when he collapsed and later died after attempts to revive him were unsuccessful . It happens (more than once) every August on a practice field in the United States, ty...

CoachSafely Partnership with NHMI's Safe Sports Network

CoachSafely is excited to begin a partnership with New Hampshire Musculoskeletal (NHMI) Institute. NHMI, a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing knowledge in musculoskeletal care and sports medicine has been promoting sports injury prevention for over 20 years. The Safe Sports Network, NHMI’s community outreach program, offers free evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation of athletic injuries for student athletes of Greater Manchester, NH. Services include outreach to several local h...

Education-instead of helmets-to prevent concussions

In an article titled Parents, players try to make sense of helmet products, USA Today calls out the unverifiable claims that football helmet manufacturers are making in the midst of the emerging NFL Concussion Crisis. Other than a general pass-fail rating from the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) based on drop-test impacts, helmet manufactures lack strict certification requirements leading to the ability to craft vague claims about the effectiveness of th...

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